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Kunal Kerai

EST. 1995
Kunal N. Kerai
A creator at heart and experienced leader

Kunal looks to reinvent human resources; consult with companies to prepare them for Gen Z workers; and invest into underrepresented entrepreneurs and communities.

His future goals are to create robust, diversity talent pipelines for Fortune 1000 companies and startups; alleviate homelessness and promote affordable housing in San Francisco; serve as a social broker for promising Gen Z individuals; and start a VC fund for underrepresented founders or founders working in emerging markets.

A Linkedin Top Voice, Kunal writes his 150,000+ followers to generate conversation around social issues in the workplaces, and to aid job seekers in their search as their personal recruiter. His current goals are to launch his workplace success blog, grow his trading company, and expand his authorship to new platforms like Forbes . If you have an interesting story to share, or want to help him meet a goal, or work with him, please contact Kunal at

When he is not too busy with work, he loves to plate food (scroll down); fly his drone (Bee) around the Bay; and read tarot cards for his friends and co-workers.

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